1. Do the endoscopic sleeve stitches fall off by themselves?

The sutures are semi-permanent. Theoretically they are supposed to last forever, but because the stomach is a muscle that lives in constant motion, over time the sutures can break. This poses no threat to the patient. The only thing that would happen is that the patient will see an increase in the food portion.

2. If I am in another state or province, can I have surgery with you?

Yes. You can make an online consultation and schedule everything remotely. Only that the patient will have to be in Miami (USA) or Santo Domingo (RD) for the procedure.

3. Do you accept all health insurance?

We work with various health insurances. It is good to mention that some insurances would only cover the consultation, but not the procedure. That’s why we recommend that you call your insurance and ask if you have coverage for bariatric or weight loss procedures.

4. How many pounds can be lost with these procedures?

The exact number may vary. With the gastric balloon you can lose 15 to 30 or 35 pounds, with the endoscopic sleeve 30 to 65 pounds and with the gastric sleeve 100 pounds or more

5. Do you have a financing plan? How can i apply?

In the United States we do have financing plans. In Dominican they can be referred to a banking institution (Banco Activo Dominicano) for financing. To apply the patient must make a consultation with the doctor, because we would not know what would be the recommended procedure

6. How do I know what is the best procedure for me?

In the consultation, Dr. Bello would tell you which is the most appropriate procedure for you and your health, since to find out, the patient must be studied, since each person is different.

7. Approximately how long is my recovery time after undergoing one of your procedures?

Recovery time may vary as each patient is different. In the endoscopic sleeve, the first three days after surgery are the most difficult, since it is where they manifest most of the symptoms. Already on the fourth day, a large percentage of patients feel well and carry out their normal life. The only restriction they have is with their diet and the liquid diet that they must follow.

In the gastric sleeve the patient can return to his working life seven days after the procedure in most cases. They must be aware that by medical recommendation they will have a restriction on the amount of pounds you can lift. This can be four to six weeks

8. How long do the sutures that are made in the endoscopic sleeve process last?

Sutures are designed to last a long time as they are not absorbable by the body

9. After the procedure, how long should I wait to resume my daily activities?

That depends on the procedure and the evolution of the patient. Each person is different