Revisional Bariatric Surgery

Countless medical studies and research projects have proven that bariatric surgery is the most effective means for sustained weight loss. However, these procedures are not a panacea.

Some patients lose less than their expected and desired amount or regain lost weight. In these cases, revisional surgery may be required.

At Minimally Invasive and Bariatrics Surgery (MIB), our expert medical team thoroughly analyzes all factors of the previous surgery which may have resulted in its failure. Nearly all bariatric procedures can be revisited or readjusted to maximize results and patient satisfaction.

¿What is Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

“Revisional Bariatric Surgery” is a general term referring to any number of bariatric surgical procedures which a patient may undergo to correct a previous surgery. The need to revisit a surgery is not uncommon. Approximately 10-20 % of all bariatric patients will require a revisional procedure due to weight gain or complications from surgery. Complications include:

  • Vomiting
  • Reflux
  • Stricture or blockages
  • Fistula
  • Marginal ulcers
  • Excessive weight loss/malnutrition
  • Device malfunctions including band erosion, band prolapse, and pouch dilation are less common, but still may be why a patient needs revisional surgery.
  • Complications caused by device malfunctions would also require further medical attention.

For all patients seeking a revision, an individual, in-person consultation is required. Subsequent follow-ups may be required as well to ensure the correct steps are being taken regarding dietary and exercise plans.

¿Why Does Bariatric Surgery Sometimes Fail?

There are any number of reasons why a patients’ bariatric procedure may “fail.” Sometimes the devices are faulty; they move around or stop working. Other times, the patient is unable to stick to the program’s dietary and exercise regimen. Bariatric procedures are a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle, not a cure-all. Once you’ve undergone the procedure, your efforts have just begun. Otherwise, you may find yourself following unhealthy habits and will require more surgery to maintain your health.

¿Can I Have My Procedure at MIB if I Had My First Procedure Somewhere Else?

Yes! Absolutely! Even if you had your previous surgery at another facility, Dr. Bello can perform your bariatric revision and ensure that everything goes smoothly this time!

¿What Options are Available for Revisional Surgery?

Certain bariatric procedures cannot be reversed, but most can be revised or fixed if problems arise. For example, gastric bypass is irreversible because it requires removing part of the gastrointestinal tract. Other procedures, like the lap-band, can be replaced, readjusted, or removed.

¿Are there Increased Risks for Revisional Surgeries?

Revisional procedures are not inherently more dangerous than a normal bariatric procedure; however, consideration must be given to any scarring from the original procedure which may cause additional difficulties.

¿Who Qualifies for Revisional Bariatric Surgery?

If you qualified for bariatric surgery, you are likely qualified for a revisional bariatric procedure. Our medical team will evaluate you on a case-by-case basis, determine what went wrong with the first procedure, and create a customized plan to eliminate the discovered issues. This way you will pave a path towards long-lasting weight loss and increased health. Think you might qualify for revisional bariatric surgery? Call us today for a consultation!