Revision Surgery

One of the most disheartening situations a patient can encounter is the reoccurrence of their acid reflux and GERD symptoms. At Minimally Invasive and Bariatrics Surgery (MIB), Dr. Bello and our expert staff will help resolve your acid reflux or GERD symptoms regardless of failed previous attempts!

¿What is Revisional Acid Reflux Surgery?

Revisional Acid Reflux Surgery is when a patient requires further treatment after having already received initial treatment for GERD. Anti-reflux surgery is a reconstructive process, unlike most general surgical procedures, in which no body parts are removed. During the surgery, the barrier between the esophagus and stomach is reinforced. When this barrier becomes weakened once again, regardless of the cause, revisional acid reflux surgery is required.

¿Who Qualifies for Revisional Acid Reflux Surgery?

Every revisional surgery is evaluated by Dr. Bello and our expert medical staff. If you are considering revisional acid reflux surgery, set up a consultation with our office to see if you qualify!

¿Why does Acid Reflux Surgery Fail?

Acid reflux surgeries can fail because of factors like the patient’s genetic predisposition to develop hernias to poor healing. The abdomen is a dynamic part of the body which is in constant motion. This movement may lead to wear and tear which can result in reoccurring GERD symptoms.

¿Can I Have My Procedure at MIB If I Had My First Procedure Somewhere Else?

Yes! Dr. Bello and the surgical team we have at MIB have performed countless revisional acid reflux surgeries for patients who had their initial treatments elsewhere.

¿Is Revisional Acid Reflux Surgery More Complicated Than an Initial Treatment?

No! Treatment for GERD and acid reflux symptoms are reconstructive procedures. The surgery strengthens the tissue between the esophagus and the stomach instead of removing anything from the body. Since no incisions are made, the revisional procedures are similar to the initial treatment.